O2Sensors.com.au Video

Jayden recently featured in a promotional video for one of our sponsors, Engine Sensors Australia.

Jayden promoted their website O2Sensors.com.au on Facebook where the video was viewed over 4,600 times.

In the video, the first of several, Jayden introduces O2Sensors.com.au where you can buy discount Air / Fuel Ratio and Oxygen sensors for your car.

O2Sensors.com.au offers a huge range of Oxygen Sensors for vehicles available in Australia. They offer all types of Original Equipment (OE) quality replacement oxygen sensors, almost exclusively Direct Fit for thousands of automotive applications.

Replacing Oxygen Sensors can:

  • Improve engine efficiency and performance,
  • Improve fuel economy (up to 15% savings in fuel is possible, could save you hundreds of $ per year),
  • Reduce CO2 and other harmful emissions,
  • Extend expensive Catalytic Converter life.

If you are looking for replacement Air Fuel Ratio or Oxygen sensors for your car, then www.o2sensors.com.au is the place to go!

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