KAATO Rock On Down

It was awesome to have our team partners Aussie Rock band KAATO down under recently, while on a break from their travels and recording in the USA & Japan!
It was great to meet Kurt and Mika from the band and have a heap of fun rocking at AGI Sport for a recent photo shoot. Hard to tell if the boys enjoyed belting themselves into the race car, or Jayden enjoyed belting out a few tunes on the guitar the most!



KAATO is a 70’s inspired Australian Rock band based in Nashville, Tennessee. Inspired by the unique sound and theatrical aesthetic of bands such as Dir En Grey, ABC (Acid Black Cherry) and Bull Zeichen and driven by a love affair with Japan since childhood KAATO (pronounced “kar-tow”) was born.



If you like you Rock n Roll “Loud, Fast, Rude”… and want to hear the latest from KAATO then check them out here;







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