Jayden Ojeda Tests Borland USF2000

Borland Racing Developments recently gave Jayden Ojeda the opportunity to take the Spectrum USF2000 out for a test session around Phillip Island.

“I was given an amazing opportunity by my Borland Racing Developments team to do some testing in the USF2000. It was great to see how slick tyres and wings improve performance, what an awesome experience”, said Ojeda. “I cannot thank Michael Borland and Paul Zsidy enough for the best Christmas present one could have, and also Adam and Tim Macrow for all their support and assistance throughout the day” he added.

Check out this video of some of the USF2000 test laps.

jayden ojeda tests borland usf2000

Borland Racing Developments has earned a reputation for being not only one of Australia’s largest exporters of racing cars, but also one of the most successful. The Borland outfit is also in the final stages of development for the next generation Spectrum chassis – the 015 – which will be raced by Jayden Ojeda in the 2017 Formula Ford Series.

“We’ve worked on making the car more aero-efficient and reducing the effect of the slipstream for the cars behind,” Borland said. “We’ve also been doing a lot of work with the Penske shocks to fine-tune the handling.”

Along with the continued national and international racing programs, Borland foster some of the brightest young Australian driving talents, enhancing Borland’s reputation as a pathway for Australian racing pedigree.


jayden ojeda tests borland usf2000

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