EurOz Driver Performance snaps up Jayden Ojeda as a Driver Development Coach

Due to Jayden’s success in recent years since stepping into car racing, this hasn’t gone un-noticed. EurOz Driver performance, a leading Driver Development Centre focusing on all the aspects of preparation off track, have been sure to recognize the ability and potential Jayden has.

Jayden has taken this chance to help train and develop drivers on EurOz’s state of the art simulator. This is an avenue of motorsport that is relatively new in Australia, however has taken the rest of the world by storm. Jayden hasn’t let this opportunity go to waste and is making sure that he is one step ahead of everyone else.

“The ability to drive or race well is becoming more and more common these days, however it takes a certain individual to coach others and relay information clearly and accurately. This is what appeals to me when working alongside Jayden”, says Director of EurOz Driver Performance, Oliver Myers.

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Jayden also gains access to use of the simulator to prepare for up and coming races around Australia. This ensures that he maintains sharp with long periods of time between races.

Due to Jayden being able to deliver specific feedback, Jayden has also played a big part in the development of certain car models in the simulator.

With all this, EurOz also cover other aspects of driver preparation including; physical fitness, nutritional support and mental development. This means that whilst Jayden is working with EurOz he has 110% support throughout his 2018 Australian Formula 4 Championship Campaign.

EurOz Driver Performance has a vision to encourage drivers to be the best they can possibly be. All provided by world leading technology, professional coaches & expertise.


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