Brand Ambassador

Jayden OJeda –Your Brand Ambassador

As a Sponsor of Jayden Ojeda Motorsport, you have a strong opportunity to be a part of the team, and work with Jayden as he climbs the ranks of Australian and International motorsport into the future.

When partnering with Jayden on his motorsport journey, you can be assured he will be a brilliant asset to your company’s long term marketing development. Jayden is a happy, healthy, well presented and professional young man perfectly positioned to endorse your brand. In fact some do say he has the smile and speed of Australia’s current Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo!!

Jayden’s skills within media relations, interviews and interaction with commercial partners are recognised as exemplary by industry experts and we see this as essential for the modern day professional racing driver to succeed on-track and to market and promote growth opportunities for your company.

Jayden has targeted marketing and media plans in place, as well as exciting opportunities for your company to get a true insight into Jayden’s racing through interactive involvement at events and we welcome your company to become part of a very inclusive team.

In order to continue his success in the sport, Jayden requires various levels of commercial support throughout his career plan and we believe what Jayden Ojeda can offer is an excellent investment opportunity for your business into the future.

Jayden's Promise

“I will conduct myself in a professional manner with regard to all aspects of motor racing and my sponsor’s products. I will wear and use my sponsor’s products with pride and be available for promotions with integrity.

I will stay in frequent contact with sponsors and send regularly press clippings, race results and social media updates on my progress.

I will do my best to build and maintain a strong, professional mutually satisfying relationship with you, your staff and your customers.

The road to my goal is a long one and I sincerely hope that I can perform to a level that ensures our long term relationship”.


Jayden Ojeda

  • Jayden showed us exactly why he has such a bright future, he’s a level-headed and an incredibly skilful young driver who ticks all the boxes. A true professional both in and out of the race car.

    a gotch
    Adam Gotch
    Managing Director AGI Sport
  • I’ve seen Jayden’s progress in Formula Ford over the past 12 months and it’s clear that he’s a talented driver with a lot of potential.

    garth tander supercar ford champion
    Garth Tander
    Supercar Legend & Formula Ford Champion
  • Having given Jayden his first opportunity in an open wheel race it was clear to see he had a huge amount of potential. Throughout Jayden’s successive years in Formula Ford, he has delivered on my expectations. It has been awesome to see him grow as a driver and build his skill set both on and off the track.

    tim beale
    Tim Beale
    Team Manager Anglo Motorsport / Anglo Racing Academy
  • As a result of his ability and maturity Jayden is now employed by our team to drive our 2 Seater Formula Ford. This gives our Corporate clients along with the general public a first-hand experience of driving an open wheel race car.

    tim beale
    Tim Beale
    Team Manager Anglo Motorsport / Anglo Racing Academy
  • Jayden is quickly establishing himself as a star of the future, his constantly improving results in the highly competitive Formula Ford Series demonstrate he has a bright future.

    tim blanchard - supercar driver & Formula Ford Champion
    Tim Blanchard
    Supercar Driver & Formula Ford Champion
  • Jayden was a guest of our Brad Jones Racing team at Sydney Motorsport Park this year and his enthusiasm to improve and understand every part of being a race driver was great to see.

    tim blanchard - supercar driver & Formula Ford Champion
    Tim Blanchard
    Supercar Driver & Formula Ford Champion
  • Jayden is one of the most anticipated talents since his move to open wheelers. His natural instinct and eagerness to learn are a true testament to his maturity and commitment to racing.

    michael borland team owner borland racing
    Michael Borland
    Team Owner Borland Racing